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  • How do cancers eventually lead to death?
    Posted 4 years ago

    I want to ask how cancer works in human body and how people die due to cancer?

  • Posted 4 years ago

    Generally cancer occurs when cells stop behaving as they are supposed to. Your body is made by something like 200 different kinds of cells (epithelial cells, neuronal cells, blood cells and so on) working together to maintain the body's functions. If many of those cells stop doing what they are supposed to do then your body will start malfunctioning. This can cause an unrestricted growth of cell which can sometimes get out of bind and the portion of the body can explode.
    Different kinds of malfunctioning will occur depending on what kind and how many cancer cells will spread throughout your body. This can eventually cause system failures. If your lung cells are malfunctioning, for example, you may expect respiration problems.
    Often cancerous cells spread all around your body (metastasis) and several tissues and organs will be compromised simultaneously leading to a complex pattern of symptoms. Fatigue, pain, inflammations, and bleeding are common symptoms in many advanced stages of cancer since tissues and organs start to get seriously damaged.

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